{  just a little about me  }

i am a photographer. a designer. a writer and an artist. i began my creative journey at the ripe old age of eight and have had a camera in my hand for 15+ years, documenting weddings and life exclusively for the last 7. i am a mother. a military wife who was so incredibly lucky to marry her best friend! i would take coffee {or tea} intravenously if i could. running is my addiction. cuddling with my family on sunday mornings is one of my favorite things.  i am a neat freak. i love all foods .... except anchovies.  i am totally down for hanging in the snow but belong in the warmth. i have lived in many many many MANY places all over the world and the love for travel continues. i speak 3 languages {if you include "toddler" that makes 3.5}. documenting life and love, connecting with people through my work brings me an unfathomable amount of joy + fulfillment. i love the sound of laughter.  i love creating + telling stories.

it would be an honor to document you + yours. 

image courtesy of hugh forte