{ changes + new beginnings }

it is mind boggling to think of the last five years. i was lucky enough to run an amazing business {jl photografia} with and shoot alongside one of my best friends.  the last five years shooting with the "j" was an amazing ride filled with new friendships, travels, growth {both as an artist and person} and so so many shenanigans. i will miss the late night editing sessions, the facebook banter while sitting 3 feet apart. i will miss the "pee in your pants" bouts of laughter mid-delirium after 12 hours of shooting. i will miss a lot. but i move on knowing i have those memories to take with me. i move on knowing that we are off to start our own adventures as photographers and as individuals. i move on knowing that i will always carry an immense joy and smile when i think back to those times that i was the "l". and more over i move on knowing we will continue to grow professionally, personally and as friends.   :)

not only did i get to have one of the greatest adventures with the ever so talented janet moscarello, but i began the greatest adventure with my husband, parenthood.  we welcomed our little girl into this world a year and a half ago {i just fell over}. a year and a half ago! it is crazy to think how fast time really does move. in that year and a half she has brought us so much love, so much joy, so many sleepless nights {we will try and not hold that against her} and so so much laughter.  

i am excited to see what the future holds both professionally and personally and to tell that story here.

i hope you will come along for the ride. cheers!