{ baby noah. los angeles, ca }

it has been sometime since i have blogged last. in just a few months it feels as though a lifetime has passed. a crazy whirlwind of events packed into just a few months. now it is all coming to a calm close giving way to a brilliant future filled with time. time together. when he left there were only three of us. now we are a family of four. we now have time to appreciate and celebrate the little things that you long for during a deployment. whether it be drinking coffee together in the morning, taking a nap with your toddler or watching your four month old blow bubbles, we have the luxury of time to enjoy those unappreciated fleeting moments. homecomings always give way to the realization that time is what is to be appreciated in life. as the three people that hold my heart get a much needed nap and time to soak in a few snuggles, i figured it the best time to share images from last year of sweet noah at just a couple of weeks old. natalie and eliot are the proud parents of one adorable little boy!