{ the people of sayulita. personal }

this past summer i had the extreme pleasure of photographing marissa and ben's wedding in the quaint fishing village of sayulita. located off of mexico's southern west coast only 45 minutes from puerto vallarta. the morning before my departure i met several of the locals, all of whom were kind and so very lovely. sayulita is an amazing place filled with so many wonderful people. i hope to visit again very soon. here are just a few of the faces of the ever-captivating sayulita. 


{ my baby daddy x 2. happy father's day! }

happy father's day to my best friend and the most incredible man i could have ever asked to share a life with and raise a family. happy father's day to the u.s. marine i am so proud to call my husband. happy father's day to the most amazing daddy who sent his little girl books and letters all the way from afghanistan just to put a smile on her face. happy father's day to the man who stayed awake a few extra minutes in order to face time and show his little girl the moon even after a grueling sixteen hours on the job. happy father's day to the man who has yet to meet his youngest daughter but already loves her to the moon and back. happy father's day! we can't wait for our little family to be whole again!! 

{ my new identity + client packaging }

i am so excited to share my new packaging.  it has taken some time to pull it all together but it is finally done.  i have to give credit where credit is due and all the fabulous packaging i have seen via pinterest that helped inspire me to design these lovelies. looking forward to sharing my albums next so definitely keep an eye out!

[ business + note cards by tim of quality letterpress // stamps by rustickraft // boxes + usb drives by photo flash drive ]


{ the best pictures i have ever taken. oceanside, ca }

there was no amazing backdrop and no phenomenal lighting. these photos would not win any photography awards but they are by far the best I have ever taken. my brother arrived from afghanistan today and after 7 months was able to hug his wife. but more importantly he finally met his 2 month old son, jason, and held him for the first time! welcome home sean!!!!!  <3


{ changes + new beginnings }

it is mind boggling to think of the last five years. i was lucky enough to run an amazing business {jl photografia} with and shoot alongside one of my best friends.  the last five years shooting with the "j" was an amazing ride filled with new friendships, travels, growth {both as an artist and person} and so so many shenanigans. i will miss the late night editing sessions, the facebook banter while sitting 3 feet apart. i will miss the "pee in your pants" bouts of laughter mid-delirium after 12 hours of shooting. i will miss a lot. but i move on knowing i have those memories to take with me. i move on knowing that we are off to start our own adventures as photographers and as individuals. i move on knowing that i will always carry an immense joy and smile when i think back to those times that i was the "l". and more over i move on knowing we will continue to grow professionally, personally and as friends.   :)

not only did i get to have one of the greatest adventures with the ever so talented janet moscarello, but i began the greatest adventure with my husband, parenthood.  we welcomed our little girl into this world a year and a half ago {i just fell over}. a year and a half ago! it is crazy to think how fast time really does move. in that year and a half she has brought us so much love, so much joy, so many sleepless nights {we will try and not hold that against her} and so so much laughter.  

i am excited to see what the future holds both professionally and personally and to tell that story here.

i hope you will come along for the ride. cheers!