{ love notes }

thank you thank you thank you for the most beautiful wedding photos of all time!!!! how did you do it?! amazing. we are so thankful for how well you captured the day. everything from the portraits to the candids. we are blown away! and there are so many of them! wow. from the bottom of our hearts. thank you. you are so fabulously talented. where can we write a review so the world knows???!!! with so much love and gratitude.   andi + shawn

these pictures are incredible!!! you are so talented and i cannot imagine how long it took to edit all of these pictures! thrilled with every single one of them!  i cant use enough exclamation points! thank you thank you thank you!  i am so lucky to relive this awesome day with so many incredible pictures of family and friends. you were a delight to have celebrate with us and i will definitely be calling you as soon as austin and i decide to have babies. your work is so gorgeous.   joya + austin

the pictures are gorgeous!!!! i should be working right now but as soon as i get something accomplished i'm going to share with all our friends! thank you a million times a million.   joanne + ethan

thanks a lot lisa. it's so exciting to see these I can't even tell you. they're absolutely gorgeous. thanks for getting some great shots. :-)   lauri + isaac

omg! you're amazing! i love 'em! thank you so much!   jo + david

thanks again - the photos are awesome!  i love the way you captured the day. if there's a place that we can include a review for you let us know - would love to rave about you! thanks again!   tricia + frank

awesome job, lisa!!! we love them all!!! the ones by the lake are my favorite!! thank you so much for the great job that you do. we can't wait to share them with our family and friends! :)   crystal + alex

thank you lisa! we couldn't stop ooh-ing and awww-ing over these beautiful images of enzo!  we love it as always!! :) :)   crystal + alex

omfg! we just received the loveliest surprise in the mail! We were blown away when we opened it, and instantly regretted not taking a picture first. the world owes you for making it a prettier place! yay! the packaging is spot-on!  love it!   joanne + ethan

omg!! your box is absolutely gorgeous!!! every detail is so amazing!! we were blown away!! thank you again for everything and for the prints as well!! your packaging is award winning!! i hope you've submitted that to a design magazine!! all i need now is time to frame and put up photos!!   talla + matt